Types of mediation Uxbridge​

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Face To Face or Shuttle Mediation Uxbridge

Separation period between couples can be a time of turmoil. This is one time when both the parties need assistance from outside.

This is one time when mediation service comes to help. Mediation can be face to face or shuttle mediation. Under face to face mediation, the disputing parties come face to face with each other and sit in the same room supervised by a mediator.

They discuss their problems and a final decision is taken. Under, shuttle mediation, the disputing parties sit in separate rooms and they are dealt with a common mediator in between.

One may wonder which mediation service is better, then the answer to this question is that both of these mediation services are good depending on the circumstances.

If one of the disputing parties is unwilling to attend the meeting with the opposite party, then the mediator can arrange for a shuttle meeting.

Under the shuttle meeting, the disputing parties are made to sit in a separate room and dealt with by the same mediator.

Under face to face meeting, the mediator talks directly with the disputing party. Shuttle Mediation is a bit expensive than face to face mediation.

The basic requirements of shuttle mediation are as follows-

  1. Neutral and separate waiting areas for the disputing parties.
  2. Advocate or a legal expert is there to help the parties.
  3. Different arrival and departure time for the disputing parties.
  4. Allowed to arrive and go with a friend or family member.

One cannot find such an arrangement in the litigation process. Under litigation, the final decision is taken by the court. The parties have to face each other and meet the requirements of the trial process.

Mediation is better than general litigation also because mediation takes less time than general litigation. General litigation takes a lot of time and is an expensive process whereas mediation, on the other hand, is inexpensive.

Children mediation

Finances mediation

The mediation is one procedure under which both the parties are become aware of. There is no nepotism or favouritism of any type. Whereas general lawsuits involves, a great deal of administration.

Mediation, as we can see, is a lot more versatile than general litigation. There are arrangements for face to face and separate room dialogue.


This means under mediation, the disputing parties have choices.

Mediation is cheaper and if one of the disputing parties doesn’t want to come face to face with the other party, they can always choose Shuttle Mediation process.

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