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For wills, inheritance and probate conflicts in London and the South East then contact us right away. Capitol are skilled mediators in handling these difficulties.

Wills & Probate Disputes

Are you in a dispute with a family member over a Wills and Probate Issue?

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Capitol Family Mediation

Here at Capitol, we are experts in dealing with sensitive family issues. 

We all go through traumatic times in our lives and understandably need help in getting through difficult situations. When things in a family or within a couple begin to go wrong, sometimes good advice and mediation can be hard to come by. At Capitol, we try to offer impartial advice in a comforting and approachable environment, where all parties can contribute and share their opinions without judgment.

When a couple of divorces or a close family member dies, the emotional and psychological stress on an individual can be indescribable. Often tension within a family can become insurmountable and money issues can begin to arise. If children are involved in potential divorce proceedings, the tension between both parties involved can cause irreparable damage

Resolving Wills, estates and trust disputes without going to court

All of our group at Capitol, are totally qualified mediators, who are professionally adept to talk about circumstances with parties. The fragility of certain situations means that they have to be dealt with delicately and we ensure that our mediators make you feel as though you are being listened to. Importantly, our mediators apply a certain ‘personal touch’ to every scenario to ensure that disputes are tackled with empathy and understanding.

Services Offered and Avoiding Legal Proceedings

Mediators working for Capitol deal with a range of family issues such as divorce, separation, financial disputes and wills. We take on a range of disputes because we believe that we have the necessary expertise and professionalism to help you come to a reasonable conclusion. Parties involved need to be honest and open-minded when they attend a mediation session so that communication can be constructive and meaningful. Essentially, you need to have in mind what you want from the mediation sessions and what you want to achieve. From experience, our clients know that argumentation means that communication is hampered and talks often break down because a compromise cannot be reached. Our aim is for both parties to settle disputes without using legal means. Taking a dispute to court may be extremely expensive for all involved, with mounting solicitors fees and possible payouts around the corner. We try our utmost to discuss the situation fully and try and understand both points of view. In some circumstances, discussions can become heated and fractious, but we ask for all parties to understand the importance of the wider picture and the end goal. Furthermore, we do not want our clients to get themselves into debt or financial turmoil because they have had to take a dispute to court. Mediators are also there to thoughtfully and carefully question and query the wants and needs of both parties so that a reached compromise encompasses and satisfies both viewpoints.

Understanding the Needs of the Individual

All of our trained mediators are employed to specifically think about and consider the needs of the individual. When our mediators are impartially mediating a session between two parties, they are not there to offer their opinion or judgment, they are there to simply guide the individuals towards an amicable resolution. After the mediation process individuals should feel as though they have put their point of view across and they have had a say in something extremely important to them. Contact us today to find out more!